SSI's Pre-Load 2500 Series stationary compactors features a single stage, dual acting, cylinder which is designed to form two high density square ended bales. It is the optimum solution for transfering municipal solid waste, recyclables, or other commodities into highway and intermodal trailers or containers.

The 2500 is offered in two compaction cylinder configurations, a standard 2500 and the 2500 SPH. The SPH version is designed for those facilities requiring higher compaction forces afforded by the larger 16" diameter cylinder. Some facilities operate just as effectively with the 14" cylinder on the standard 2500. Typically these include Material Recovery Facilities (MRF's) or Solid Waste Transfer stations where over the road weight limits rule out the benefits of utilizing higher compaction forces, and ultimately higher payload weights.

Initially designed for transfer stations with less than 300 tons per day throughput, the 2500 series has proven to be a reliable workhorse. SSI has sold several of these units to higher volume transfer stations as well, when the operator has determined their container fleet handles two bales more effectively than one large bale (as created by the 4500 series).

SSI has always prided itself on putting the customer first when determining the most effective solution for their operation. Let us work with you to discover the benefits and costs savings delivered with an SSI Compaction System.


     Cylinder Diameter
     Bale Size
     Bale Weight
     Compaction Force
     Cycles Per Bale
     Tons Per Hour
     Control Panel
     Overall Dimensions
     Shipping Weight

     Operating Pressure
     Hose Connections
     Overall Dimensions

     Load Cells


7' x 7' x 13'
10 tons
200 tons
10 - 15 min.
100 hp
Auto or Manual
10' 6"H x 9'W x 61' 7"L
135,000 lbs.

2700 PSI
450 Gallon
SAE "O" Ring
Fan Heat Exchanger
7' H x 7' 2"W x 14' L

2 Front & 2 Rear
+/- 1%

2500 SPH

7' x 7' x 17'
23 - 30 tons (two bales)
260 tons
12 - 14 min.
200 hp
Auto or Manual
10' 6"H x 9'W x 71' 6"L
150,000 lbs.

2700 PSI
750 Gallon
SAE "O" Ring
Fan Heat Exchanger
7' H x 7' 2"W x 14' L

2 Front & 2 Rear
+/- 1%