The Worldwide Leader in Compaction Solutions!

SSI designs and manufactures the premier product line of reliable pre-load compaction systems for the following applications:

  • Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) Transfer
  • Material Recovery Facilities (Paper Recycling)
  • Scrap Metal and Other Commodities

High density compaction produces clean, efficient transfer to highway trailers as well as intermodal rail and barge containers.

SSI compaction systems are large self-contained units that compact material within a compression chamber independent of a transport vehicle. This equipment offers the versatility and cost savings demanded by recyclers and solid waste processors worldwide.

The Process is Simple with an SSI Compactor...





Pre-Load Compaction Systems
Features and Advantages
Single Stage, Double Acting, Compaction Cylinders

Constant Density
Compaction Control

Power Smart Alternatives

Simplified Hydraulics

DME Laser Measuring

Hinged Hose Carriers

Jam Relief System

Replaceable Steel Floors

Electronic Load Cells

Proface Panelview Console

Pre-Load Technology
Single-stage cylinders compact material for uniform bale densities from very first to last compaction stroke. Greater retract force available for eliminating compactor jamming.

Automatically adjusted hydraulic cylinder pressure to produce uniform bale density.

Lowers operational costs and saves energy.

Saves power and accelerates cylinder travel.

No moving parts.

No reels or couplings.

Easy to adjust.  Up to 1" of shear knife clearance.

Lower maintenance costs, optional Hardox steel wall liners available.

Self calibrating, self diagnostic, canister style load cells. More reliable than load beam cells.

Operator interface visual digital screen with operational display & maitenance screens.

Clean and Efficient; Reduces handling and transportation Costs.